Subscribers write fan mail

OK, maybe I have the coolest job on the planet, or maybe I have the best subscribers from all over the planet. It’s probably both.

As One Roast Chicken continues to grow, our little food community is now completely international — with members in India, Denmark, South Africa, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the US, and the UK. And you’re all so generous with your feedback, encouragement, ideas, and questions… I thought I’d share a few of the more recent comments with you.

>> The idea of One Roast Chicken

Inie writes from Blind Bay, British Columbia: “Dear Shelley, I can’t believe how I look forward to opening the latest, new blog from you! Fun, interesting, VERY practical, and a definitely ‘new’ way of approaching the age old Q: ‘What to have for dinner?’ Keep ’em coming!”

Lise writes from Abbotsford, BC: “I LOVE the idea of having a private cooking tutor.” >> Shelley responds: We’ll also have a cookbook of recipes, which you can download or have printed and shipped to you, just like the chicken recipe but times 15 recipes — Lasagne, fish, desserts, banana bread, all that stuff… Later I’d like to teach classes in person, travel to major cities, rent a kitchen in a high school, and hold cooking basics bootcamp for 20 interested souls … >> Lise replies, rather emphatically: SIGN ME UP FOR BOOTCAMP !

>> Cinnamon ice cream

DJ writes from Blind Bay, BC: “I am making your cinnamon ice cream for our Women’s Ministry meeting tomorrow night to go along with the apple pies [my grandson’s] school makes and sells every fall. And speaking of ice cream, what about chopped peaches with some kind of peach brandy and nutmeg? OK, that is more talking about food than I have done in 10 years put together!” [The next day she writes]: “I don’t much care for ice cream unless it is chocolate and then only in a cone. But I made this to go with apple pies made by my grandson’s school. Served it to a group of women and it got high praise. Then yesterday I thought I should try it. And it is soooo good! And easy. It took me longer to find a bowl than it did to mix it. Then I just put it in a plastic container with a good lid and scooped it out from there…” [Later she writes again]: “OK, more on the ice cream. My grandsons raided my fridge last night and finished it off. The ice cream, not the fridge! They both (the picky eaters) declared the ice cream excellent, and plan on buying more ‘White’ ice cream to make their own.”

Inie (Blind Bay): “DJ sent me your website and the cinnamon ice cream. Sounds heavenly … One roast chicken at a time sounds like a blast, and I love the ‘I feel like I know you feeling’ when reading it. You obviously know your stuff and have a gift for ‘taste’ and presentation! All the best.”

>> Lasagne research in progress

Regan (via the blog) says: “I have been struggling over the years to make a good lasagne. Every time it comes out goopy and when put on the plate it looks more like noodle slop then lasagne. The frozen pre-made ones that I have tried aren’t much better. They don’t taste as good as home made lasagne and if over heated they end up with burnt edges and are all runny. I’d be most interested in hearing of a recipe that didn’t dirty every dish in my place and came out looking and tasting great. Please keep me posted on what you find works and doesn’t work. Have a great day.”

I’ll share more feedback, letters, and questions with you in future updates. Hurry up and write me soon, so I can include your brilliance in my next “wowie, thank you, my subscribers are fabulous” letter!

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. You can always reach me at

Thanks and bon appetit!

Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu, Owner & Head Chef

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