Survey + free apple pie recipe

I am hard at work on a new book for One Roast Chicken, and rather than guess what people want, I decided to ask you — since you’re someone who is interested in cooking, you like tips and tricks, and you’re always looking for easy ways to get dinner on the table.

I have a free gift (bribe) for you!

I’ve created a short survey that’ll take you less than 2 minutes to fill out.

> Survey link
> Link to survey on webpage

And as a thank you (bribe) for filling out this survey, I will send you a FREE copy of the recipe I’m working on: Dutch Apple Pie. This recipe is nearly done, and I’ll send it to you for FREE as soon as it’s ready (value $5 Cdn).

Here’s the catch.

I’m only going to share this gift with the first 100 people who complete the survey. This means you’ll have to ACT FAST if you want to be one of the lucky people who not only gets to share their brain with me, but who also gets the reward of APPLE PIE!

After 100 Apple Pie recipes are given away, the survey will shut down. So you better do this right now — take two minutes of your time and scroll down to the survey. You’ll get your copy of the Apple Pie recipe as soon as I finish eating it, err… finish testing it.

> Survey link
> Link to survey on webpage

Thanks in advance for your feedback and help 🙂

Bon appetit!

Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu
Owner & Head Chef

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