Finally, all your favourite cooking letters together in one place

but I’ve posted 20 wonderful One Roast Chicken cooking letters on this blog since it first started.

Do you remember when I shared my new discovery of how to make cinnamon ice cream? I know you loved that one, because I got lots of email raving about it. Another weekly letter that everyone had something to say about was the one about Packed Lunches.

Recently, a subscriber asked me if I could gather up all of the emails and put them together, all in one place, in order… and I said, “What a great idea! Genius.”

And now it’s done. I have created Collection 1 > The first 20 cooking letters from It’s a little booklet of the first 20 emails you’ve received … although I can’t really call it ‘little’ because it’s a whopping 48 pages long. And I can’t call it a ‘booklet’, either, it’s too comprehensive. Think of it more as a perfect reference manual!

This 48-page collection of letters is a time capsule, a perfect snapshot, a collection of ideas and recipes and feedback and full-colour photos, from me to you. And for a limited time, I’m offering this Collection only to One Roast Chicken subscribers who are as loyal and as fabulous as you!

I am making the Collection available in TWO different formats to suit everyone’s needs. If you’d like a downloadable PDF version, I’ve got it available for $3.99 (Cdn). But I know my subscribers pretty well. When surveyed, more than 50% of you want things sent in a PAPER version so that you can hold it in your hands. Well, I’ve created a paper version, too. The print collection is full-colour and will be shipped to you by mail no matter where you live. I’ve created three postal categories (Canada, US, and International). You just have to figure out where you live (I know you can do it), and then you just order your copy which includes shipping.

To see a preview copy, click here [PDF file]. Use the down-arrow key on your keyboard to scroll through the pages of the preview.

And once you’ve seen how fabulous it looks, you’ll want to order your copy by clicking here.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback.
You can always reach me at
Thanks and bon appetit!

Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu, Owner & Head Chef

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